Tea Tree Bay, Noosa National Park - Too many options.

Why so Blue?

Posted on: 23rd August, 2013 No Comments

The past 2 weeks have been happy days on the weather front, at last I feel comfortable to call home the Sunny Coast in front of holiday makers without them scoffing at me! But with every action there is an equal and balancing reaction, which in the case of our crystal clears waters and endless blue skies, we have to accept a lack of waves. Which for the paradise we’re getting to live in, doesn’t seem such a terrible trade off. I’m actually getting work done, which I can blame for last weeks no fin post! And speaking of making the almighty $$$ I must go do that. Have a great weekend and get in that ocean.

ELE (Everybody Love Everybody)


Sunshine Beach, Noosa - Blue room.

Sunshine Beach, Noosa - Good weather for mermaids.

Alexandra Bay, Noosa - JC, no not Josh Constable. Ok ok it's just Tim!

Paradise Cove, Noosa National Park - Don't think it matters if you don't catch a feed when it looks like this!

Sunshine Beach, Noosa - Lip service

Sunshine Beach, Noosa - Sorry Doc, not even your new log is going to get a wave out there!

Tea Tree Bay, Noosa National Park - Inviting

Sunshine Beach, Noosa - Water wall.

Sunshine Beach, Noosa - Getting tropical.