First Point, Noosa - Straya

The Drought has Broken

Posted on: 31st January, 2014 No Comments

There will be plenty of hurting bodies this week, as the wave drought on the points has finally broken. From high tide to low there has been surfable lines rolling around the national park. Unfortunately the end to school holidays hasn’t really meant an end to the crowds in the water, though it seems that most have had big smiles on their faces. Maybe you might see them this weekend!

ELE (Everybody love Everybody)


Little Cove, Noosa - Fraser finessing

First Point, Noosa - Sam perched

Little Cove, Noosa - Out of the forest.

Little Cove, Noosa - Take me away.

First Point, Noosa - Through the looking glass.

Little Cove, Noosa - Branching out

Little Cove, Noosa - Open walls.

First Point, Noosa - Andy missing a few feet.

First Point, Noosa -