Little Cove , Noosa -  Corner to corner

The Wait is Over

Posted on: 13th December, 2012 No Comments

The waiting has paid off, finally we have some proper waves! The points have been lighting up since tuesday with a building swell taking us into a no doubt epic but very busy weekend in the water . I’m off to Fraser Island tomorrow so I’m going to sign off and get myself a couple of sliders. Hopefully you all get your share over the coming days.

ELE (Everybody love Everybody)


Little Cove, Noosa - Mr Stuth on the bonnet.

National Park, Noosa - Mctavish views.

Tea Tree, Noosa - Paradise found.

Little Cove, Noosa - Getting by.

Johnsons, Noosa - I blame the post.

Little Cove, Noosa - Spirits coming out after dark.

Little Cove, Noosa - Setting surfer.

Noosa National Park - How a lot of surfers will be feeling after the weekend.