Sunrise Beach - Autumn wedding veils.

Mixed Bag

Posted on: 19th April, 2013 No Comments

Ok people, if you are blessed to be living on the eastern sea board then start setting your alarm for 530am. I don’t think there can be a better time than pre sunrise in early autumn on the east coast of Oz! The air is so crisp, the winds are off shore and if you like to slide on water, then there is a good chance you’ll be satisfied in that department as well!

Though the mornings have been clear, we have been greeted by a few afternoon storms during the week, which has made for a mixed bag of photos today! Things are looking good for a weekend of waves with a possible mixed bag of weather, but if it’s anything like during the week I reckon you’ll be pretty happy.

ELE (Everybody Love Everybody)


Noosa - Riders on the storm.

Sunrise Beach - Sun flower.

Noosa - Andy liking his new accom.

Sunshine Beach - Good time of the year to get up early.

Boiling Pot - Hanging with a couple of ya mates.

Noosa - Rolling over.

Noosa - Liquid curtains

Noosa - Joe with an interesting stall technique!

Sunshine Beach - Happy days.

Noosa - Finless cover ups.

Noosa - Turbulence.

Sunshine Beach - Open beaches.

Sunshine Beach - Shadow Boxing.

Sunshine Beach - A low.

Noosa - Tube time.