Maldives - Kuda Huraa, Four Seasons


Posted on: 25th October, 2013 1 Comment

Greetings from the Indian Ocean! Sorry for delay between fiN posts. I arrived in Paradise 23 days ago and have worked 23 days since. So having the energy and getting the time to post has been difficult, and it has been even harder to find an opportunity to take photos. So for all the amazing beauty and waves that surround me I wouldn’t say what I’ve ┬ácaptured doe’s justice to what I’ve seen, but all the same I did want to say hello.

For the people who care to know. My hours have gone into teaching beginners to surf, which I truly find rewarding. I have had such a diversity in students, from children to  parents, boys to girls, muslims to christians, africans to asians and everyone of them leaves with a truly joyous expression on their face, just from sliding across some water.

As for where I am. I’m presently training with Tropicsurf at The Four Seasons Kutaa Huraa, held within one of the 25 Maldivian Atolls in the Indian Ocean, which sits to the south east of India and Sri Lanka. Sadly though my time here is about to come to an end, though on the up side I’ll be on my way to the Seychelles, which from here is further to the west sitting off Africa and Madagascar. Once there I will be based for 7 months so hopefully in that time I can get some photos I’ll be proud of.

I hope wherever you might be, you are happy and healthy.

I look forward to bringing you a new guest photographer next week.

ELE (Everybody Love Everybody)


Sultans - Taking the drop

Kuda Huraa - Paradise is very nice

Pasta Point - Private left hander for guests only, sadly not our guests!

Sultans - The Maldivian's have a very casual approach to life, I like it.

Maldives - It's calling your name

Sultans - The first week I was here, I was fortunate enough to get a few days on the waves. Was some nice ones as well!!

Kuda Huraa - Beach's getting made.

Kuda Huraa - This is 30 seconds from my bedroom.

Kuda Huraa - One of the local's cruising the lagoon.

Kuda Huraa - We have been visited a lot by intense localised storms since I arrived. They make for a dramatic back drop!

Kuda Huraa - Local Coconut frond doing it's best impersonation of a Maldivian point break.

Sultans - Un ridden

Sultans - Know your place

Maldives - Public transport

Sultans - Your canvas awaits

Sultans - Tropicsurf guide Matt bringing off the bottom.

Four Seasons - Your thinking holiday arn't you?!?