sumbawa: After the midnight ferry ride from Padang bai sleeping on the roof to avoid the carbon dioxide filled cabins we arrived to see this machine like set up, it was pretty much the dream scenario.

Jack Dekort – Guest Photographer

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I think I’m recogninising the true benefit of starting fiN and that’s to share the work of other photographers out there following their passion for collecting those moments that we all get to reflect upon.

Today your meeting Jack Dekort, one of the blessed few on this planet to grow up on the Sunshine Coast. I’ve always felt that if as a young child you can recognise your blessing with being raised in these amazing surroundings your life will only prosper. If you start to look, there is an incredible depth of talented people and obviously beautiful natural surroundings on our coast. The alchemy of these and a child growing amongst this allows us to have people like Jack. With a name that reads like he should be someone, it’s starting to be seen more often in the corners of glossy surf mags. So before he won’t have time for a someone like me I thought I’d ask him a few questions about his inspirations, social media, his muses and his direction. Thanks Jack.

ELE (Everybody Love Everybody)



All photo’s are the copyright of Jack Dekort and are in no way able to be used in any form without his permission.


Hey Jack, your getting on, how old are you now?


Have you grown up on the Sunny Coast?


Yeah grew up on the coast, love it!


When did you take up photography?

Near the end of grade 12 i bought a point and shoot to document trips down the coast.


Can you remember the first photo you took that made you think ‘ I could be alright at this!” and what was it? And would it still get the same response from you now?

It was a shot of my friend Levi torresi at Yaroomba before school. I ended up using the shot in a mixed media piece for art class it got an A as well, stoked! Don’t think it attract to much hype these days though.


Is photography where you get your main income or you have a little side gig going on? (I don’t mean drug dealing!!)

It’s only a secondary source of income at the moment i work a few days a weeks at the shops down the road filling shelves to help keep me on the move as much as possible, i go stir crazy if i’m in the same place for to long. Luckily my boss is pretty understanding with that.


Who do you look toward for inspiration?


Lately I’v been following a lot of Cole Barash, Steven McCurry¬† their portraiture work is so powerful and is something i’d like to improve in my own work. Also Ted Grambeau and Chris Burkard are hard to top for a genius understanding of light and composition.


Social media is definitely the new photographers tool. How important do you see it is for your future as a photographer? Do you think it’s good for professionals or no?

It has a lot of pros and cons the old social media. I’ve had a lot of amazing opportunities come from social media and it a great promotional tool as well as being able to get in contact with surfers, clients around the world making life a lot easier. But then you get the people out there that will go right ahead and steal your photos call it their own and profit ¬†from it. It really is a love hate relationship i find.


More and more I see your photo’s popping up in surf publications. How important is it too receive publication and does it push you to get more images in print?

It’s a satisfying feeling seeing your hard work end up in print along side people you hold so much respect for.


You have a great depth of talented surfers to work with on the coast. Can you share with us some that you gel with, and who make your job a lot easier?


I like to shoot with Ziggy Alberts, Mitch Adams. It’s easy to bounce ideas around with them and they have a good idea of what they need to do to make it happen.


Obviously surfing is your main subject matter, what else do you like to point your camera at?

Recently had my first trip to the snow in a long time, think i’m going to be spending a lot more time making pictures in the alpine regions, it’s a whole other world!


Any film? or all Digital?

Love both! It’s nice to go to Film after shooting a lot of digital you appreciate the end result having to make sure timing and exposures are dead on Without the post production stage as a fallback.


Do you get to surf at all, or you’d prefer not to miss the shot?

Yeah here and there but not as much as i used to.


Your fave piece of camera equipment?

My nikon 24-70mm it’s so versatile be it for weddings or in the water it would be my go to lens for sure!


What are some things you’d like to achieve within the next 5 years with your photography?

Would be nice to turn it into my main source of income. Apart from that i’ve got a bit of travel on the cards so we’ll see what happens i guess.




Mentawaii sunrise: this was shot a pretty novel wave with a really shifty peak that showed glimpses of perfection.

Jack_lynch_heels: Earlier this year i hung out in byron for a while shooting with Jack we scored this fun session down past Belongil with no one around except a few nude yoga enthusiasts.

Jake1: We scored some great waves over the Noosa festival this year this shot of Jake monkley at 1/20th of a second i believe at the boiling pot.

Kirra point mid week only a hand full of guys scoring a few years ago.

loui: Gold coast artist loui gervais at work he's got a unreal location ontop of Dbah, living the dream

ellis: This morning i was meant to meet up with Professional bodyboarder Ryan hardy for a shoot but that had to get side lined until the next day. I was in the midst of a brutal tropical sickness but i wanted to make the most of the swell so i shot for about 30 minutes shaking and sweating on the black sand while Ellis scored a few of these.

JULIAN: Always good to get to watch Julian surf while he's home he surfs this place better then most.

Mudjimba Island: This was shot with Nikon f100, Tmax400 late afternoon at Mudjimba all the groms were frothing out for the next morning.

Main_byron: This was during a failed van trip down the coast we got stuck in Byron when our car died which turned out being a very good thing.

Keramas: Shot with Canon ae-1 tmax-400 while in indonesia for a wedding shoot last year this was before the warung was demolished by big swells.

The running man: I named this shot the running man after the infamous 80's dance for obvious reasons.

Tom: I shot this with a canon ae-1 that Tom's dad gave me three years ago he had used it to document Tom's up bringing and now i get to use it to document our travels. This was at Falls creek at the Summit with a face full of powder! Great day this.

Ziggy: Ziggy is a very different kind of human he puts it down to being home schooled. It's good to see a young guy placing more importance in having greater experiences other then focusing on getting more stuff he always seems to be on the move playing his music and surfing.

Mitch a: I've been shooting with Mitch for a long time now he's got such a smooth style, nothing's forced

Pipe: This is a shot of Brazillian hell man Stephan prado during my first real pipe swell of this season it's pretty hard to beat the light at sunset on the Northshore.