i Sea U - Dan

i Sea U – (Part 4)

Posted on: 26th April, 2013 No Comments

Normally I’d pop a series of ¬†‘i Sea U’ in if we’d had a run of bad weather and I’d been unable to shoot, but don’t let these portraits put you off, the weather has been amazing, as close to perfect as you could get. Unfortunately I’ve been the otherside of perfect with a meeting with a early winter flu! I would’ve love to be getting up early but the old bones have been keeping me under the blankets.

So sorry instead of ¬†blue skies, crystal clear waters and inviting landscapes you’ll have to look at these average faces below!!! Haha, far from it. Such beautiful subjects I have to work with for this project, so looking forward to capturing more of you for it.

ELE (Everybody Love Everybody)


i Sea U - Sandy and Lucy

i Sea U - Liz

i Sea U - Sandy

i Sea U - Tim

i Sea U - Bernard

i Sea U - Yann and Aurelie

i Sea U - Tim

i Sea U - Crystal

i Sea U - Bernard

i Sea U - Tim and Liz