i Sea U - Crystal

i Sea U – (part 3)

Posted on: 10th April, 2013 No Comments

When depending on the natural elements for taking a photo, this sort of project can be a little frustrating, but each time I come back to the small group of images captured so far, i’m inspired to wait it out and add as many faces to this collective as mother nature will allow.

If your not picking up what I’m putting down or you haven’t seen the weather for this neck of the woods, it’s been wet, really wet. So shooting when I’d like to has been out of my control. But whenever the stars have aligned and I’ve had some willing participants I’ve been out there stopping a moment in time, and so far I’m ┬áthrilled and grateful for the stills that have been produced. All I ask now is that the rain gives us a little respite.

ELE (Everybody Love Everybody)


i Sea U - Yann

i Sea U - Chris

i Sea U - Kristy

i Sea U - Aurelie

i Sea U - Sam

i Sea U - Lucy

i Sea U - Shannon

i Sea U - Lisa

i Sea U - May

i Sea U - Shannon and Lisa