i Sea U - Emily

i Sea U (part 2)

Posted on: 7th March, 2013 No Comments

Never did I think I could feel such a connection to a photo of a person. My love for imagery has always led me into nature. Perhaps it’s the combination of the two, but I can’t help but stare at these photos. As the photographer I feel no attachment to their creation, but as the observer I feel completely connected. I feel excited at the thought of the many other faces that will create this curiosity, if only it would stop raining so i could meet them!



i Sea U - Mum and Dad

i Sea U - Matt

i Sea U - Kym and Thomas

i Sea U - Hannah, Felicity, Emily

i Sea U - Tyler and May

i Sea U - Shannon

i Sea U - Lisa

i Sea U - Luke

i Sea U - Parrish