Noosa National Park - Set in a wall of green.

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Two nights ago I was 50 metres away from my biggest life influence (outside my parents)! I was told the previous night that Sir David Attenborough would be speaking about ‘a life so far’ in Brisbane. This humble human had been my introduction to the complexity and beauty of nature from before I can actually remember. To see him at 87, still as enthusiastic and as passionate about life and it’s tiniest intricacies, left me so inspired and grateful to live in an area that still appreciates the value of it’s natural history. To be able to walk through our national parks and swim and slide across clean, clear waters is something we need to give absolute gratitude for as places such as these are becoming ever the more rare. ¬†From a life time of watching David Attenboroughs documentaries it’s taken my adulthood to realise we are living within one. Hopefully our kids, kids will get to be as grateful.

ELE (Everybody Love Everybody)


First Point, Noosa - Tuesday was the day.

Main Beach, Noosa - The surfs not the only place to find contentment

Noosa National Park - Dean Brady just passing by.

First Point, Noosa - Malakai getting some time away from changing nappies.

Noosa National Park - Twins

Johnsons, Noosa - Under the canopy

Noosa National Park - Gremlins throwing spray

First Point, Noosa - Pandanus views

Noosa National Park - Hopeful

Noosa National Park - There was down times....

Noosa National Park - ....and up!

First Point, Noosa - Arvo glow.

Noosa National Park - Detonation

First Point, Noosa - There's always someone on holidays.