443am Sunshine Beach, Noosa - Blending of the waters.

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Heat Stroke

Posted on: 30th November, 2012 No Comments

With the recent lack of waves you could almost start to get upset at the ocean if it wasn’t for the amazing relief it’s giving us from the scorching days that just seem to be playing on repeat. And it doesn’t seem like it’s going to ease off any time soon. There are a few sliders to be found but I think most are best enjoyed body surfing. Keep yourself under the water!!

Thanks to everyones response to the last mail out and the ‘i Sea U’ project. I’m psyched to continue with it, and look forward to sharing with you. (put one in today, just so you know i’m not procrastinating anymore!!)

Ok have a epic weekend. Might see you at the Thomas factory on saturday (see below)

ELE (Everybody Love Everybody)


Below photo is of the crusty sea dog Thomas Bexon – AKA ‘The Doctor’ from Thomas Surfboards. If you are yet to check out the Thomas factory, there will be no better day than tomorrow. Doc and Jake (Glasser / Artist) are having a grand opening of their new factory. Starting off with a board swap (2pm) bands (330pm) films (645pm) and more bands (830pm). Will be a great arvo and evening to celebrate a love for surfing, good humans and an amazing life that we live in small town Noosa. Also Tim from Bean Drop will be opening the new Droplet coffee window. Too many reasons to be there. Come on!!!  ( address – 175 Eumundi-Noosa Rd. opp Bunnings on the high side!!)

i Sea U - Thomas Bexon - Shaper, Surfer, Friend, All round top bloke.

459am Sunshine Beach, Noosa - Someone just turned the heater on!

513am, Sunshine Beach, Noosa - Something to look at whilst your floating around.

535am - Stairway to heaven

530am, Sunshine Beach, Noosa - Says it all.

531am - Sunshine Beach, Noosa - Shoulder high if your on your knees!!