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The Dali Effect: Nikon FE 2 Fuji Velvia 50 The sand blows on Fraser are one of my favourite places to photograph. The tree skeletons that become exposed have a surreal look about them. You find yourself imagining the melting clock from Salvador Dalis Persistence of Memory

Peter Meyer – Guest Photographer

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My first guest photographer couldn’t be more appropriate considering he was the first person to show me how to load a roll of film (you should ask him how that went. Funny story!) and the first photo I ever sold was one of his. He also happens to be one of my dearest friends.

Peter Meyer is part of a unique community, he is a Fraser Island resident, one of  around 200 people who live on the worlds largest sand island. Living on the island for over the past 18 years you’d struggle to find anyone who knows it more intimately than Pedro. And in this time he has used his camera to document his explorations on a place that really does need a lifetime to discover all it’s hidden gems. Fortunately as the saying goes ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ so I’m going to let Peter’s images talk on my behalf. However I did ask Peter a few questions to see where photography began for him and where it’s going. Enjoy.



PS.  A lot of Peter Meyers images are shot with a Panoramic camera, which sadly my site cannot present these images presently in a easy viewing format, so PLEASE do yourself a favour and click through to Peters personnel site . You’ll thank me I promise.


When did you first pick up a camera?

In about 1997 my brother in law was going to throw away his old Pentax ME Super but instead he gave it to me.

I had it repaired and started taking photos straight away.

 Is this your only occupation?

I am also employed by Kingfisher bay Resort as a Tour Guide

 Film or Digital?
 What is your preferred subject matter?
Even though many of my images are shot on Fraser Island, I don’t really have any preferences.Wherever I am I just like putting a magnifying glass on everything I encounter. Even shot a wedding once!
 What equipment are you rolling with?
Canon 5d Mk 2 and 3, Linhopf 617s and Hasselblad Xpan
 Apart from your cameras what could you not go without when it comes to getting your photos?
Food, water and a lot of curiosity. Curiosity will take you a long way.
 Have you got anything planned or is there a dream shoot for Peter Meyer?
Currently working on a video documentary of Fraser Island. 
 Have you got any photographers that you look too for inspiration?
Was always a big Peter Dombrovskis fan.
Where can people see your work?
Well if they arn’t on Fraser Island then they can visit my site
Or should they be fortunate enough they can visit my gallery, situated at Kingfisher Bay Resort and
Village on Fraser Island.

Pelicans: Nikon FE 2 Fuji Velvia.
These Pelicans were sitting next to a few fisherman cleaning their catch.
When the fisherman pretended to throw them a fish, all the Pelicans launched into the air with their mouths open hoping to catch a meal.

Paperbark: Canon Eos 1V, Fuji Velvia 50 Polariser.
Yin Yang Lake Mckenzie.

Blaze of LIght: Canon EOS 5D Mk2
An archetypal shot of the small saplings on the forest floor bathed in a blaze of light reaching down through the canopy.

Sumo: Canon EOS 5D Mk2
Despite their size, I have to say these guys are serious athletes. If you go to Japan you should check them out.

Phewa Tal Nepal: Canon EOS 1V
Pokhora at the base of the Himalayas in Nepal lies beside a beautiful fresh water lake known as Phewa Tal. Strongly recommend going to see Nepal as well.

Angophoras: Canon EOS 5D Mk2
Fraser had a wildfire on the 2nd October 2011. I spent the next 6 months documenting the regeneration of the forest.
The colours of all the plants were more intense than I have ever seen. Especially the Angophoras. After a rainy day, the colour of these two went crazy.

Paperbark: Canon Eos 1V, Fuji Velvia 50 Polariser
Always loved this Paperbark tree at Lake McKenzie and the way it curves into the sky.

Sleep: Canon EOS 1V Fuji Velvia 100
Got to get it when you can.

Tap Root: Canon EOS 1V fuji Velvia 100
This is the tap root of a tree on one of the sand blows. During big storms, rain and wind makes patterns from the different minerals in the sand.

Varanasi: Canon EOS 1V Fuji Velvia 100
At some point in their lives, I recommend everyone to go to India to see what life is like on another planet.