Flat Out

Posted on: 17th December, 2012 No Comments

‘When are we gunna see waves??’. How many of us have posed or heard that question of late? Well I’ve done my best to get across the joy of a body surf or a prone belly board session during this flat (?) run of surf , but it’s way better to back your story with some images. And what better way to get a point across than catching up with the eternal frother, Mr Tom Wegener. These images share the joy that has been awaiting you every morning.

Has been a real scorcher on the coast this week, with temperatures knocking on the door of 40C. Making for some epic sunsets which have been aided by the inevitable wild fire, catching the afternoon delight as well as hiding it.

I’ll be on Fraser by the time most of you are reading this, so have an epic weekend and get in that ocean.

ELE (Everybody Love Everybody)


Thursday 509am, Peregian Beach - Followed by shadows. Tom and Margie sharing the love.

Thursday 511am, Peregian Beach - T Wegs about to add to his barrel collection.

i Sea u - Tyler - Sailor, Boat Builder, Surfer

Tuesday 616pm, Sunrise Beach, Noosa - The local guard.

Tuesday 647pm, Sunrise Beach, Noosa - A firing sunset to finish a smoking hot day.

Thursday 539am, Peregian Beach - Don't hate me Margie, you look hot!!! ;)

Wednesday 622pm, Mt Cooroy - Fire ball.

Thursday 514am, Peregian Beach - Shannon. Just Shannon!

Tuesday 637pm, Sunrise Beach, Noosa - The end.