First Point, Noosa - This is home.

First Point

Posted on: 19th July, 2013 No Comments

We’re pretty blessed with our wave set up in Noosa. We might not get the most consistent,nor the largest waves around but our five point set up is pretty perfect when they are on a roll. Though when your greeted with a perfect little First Point it’s hard to go past!

My week again has been pretty busy with not to much time to explore with the camera. So I settled with firing some shots at our holiday towns most famous point break. Surprisingly it was only locals in the water this week, and it seemed that they all worked at Noosa Longboards, not sure who was actually minding the shop?!?!?

Looks like it could be a pretty average weekend of weather and if the wind prediction is correct the perfect waves that have rolled through during the week could be all blown out. Maybe have some fave dvds ready for the fall back plan.



First Point, Noosa - Out of the darkness and into the nose. Noosa Longboards Manager Tim Crabtree grabbing a couple before his shift starts.

First Point, Noosa - No it's not cause you can't ride them, it's just there is no one around.

First Point, Noosa - Kiddies corner without the kiddies.

First Point, Noosa - Sam another Noosa Longboard staff member, showing what you get when this is your local. (Who actually works in that shop??)

Little Cove, Noosa - The neighbours had a few too.

First Point, Noosa - Like.

First Point, Noosa - From one point to the next.

First Point, Noosa - Glen (Yes he too works at Noosa Longboards!!) first in line.

First Point, Noosa - Don't know this guy but he's in a good position to get a job at NL!!!