Sunshine Beach, Noosa - Rise.


Posted on: 30th March, 2013 1 Comment

It’s easy to get blasé living on the sunshine coast, sometimes the constant beauty can blind you to just how fortunate your life has become. So I just want to acknowledge my awareness of this gift. And if your a youngster go  give  your parents a big hug, oh and drop the attitude in the surf, it’s not that bad that you didn’t land that 360!

The sand that has been stripped from the coastal foreshore seems to be getting groomed into some awesome beach breaks, with plenty also making it’s way to the points. It’s perfect timing for the Easter school holidays as there are going to be plenty of choices to spread everyone out!

Hope you enjoy your breather from work, and happy Easter to you all.

ELE (Everybody Love Everybody)


Sunshine Beach, Noosa - Easter picnic anyone.

Sunshine Beach, Noosa - Rest ya feet.

Noosa National Park - Sand glorious sand.

Sunshine Beach, Noosa - Stef prolonging the sunrise.

Sunshine Beach, Noosa - Chris drawing it out.

Noosa National Park - Nice day for a head dip.

Sunshine Beach, Noosa - Surfing not waving.

Noosa National Park - Salt water pool.

Noosa National Park - Walking on water

Noosa National Park - Pandanus views