Bye Bye Sunny Coast!

Posted on: 27th September, 2013 No Comments

They say once you catch the travel bug it’s a hard one to shake, and as much as I’ve tried to cure it with choosing the Sunshine Coast as my home, it seems it’s got the better of me once more! So on Tuesday I’ll be boarding the big metal bird and flying my way to the Maldives where I’ll train with Tropic Surf to become a surf coach, and from there I’ll fly to the Seychelles where I’ll put those skills into action for the next 7 months!

So what becomes of fiN? Well I’m going to do my best to keep things flowing, I’m looking forward to continue sharing other great photographers with you, and of coarse I think where I’m going is pretty picturesque!!! So fiN will become fotos iNternational. I hope you’ll stick with me for the journey!

Todays photos are of times past in this amazing place I’m fortunate enough to call home.

(ELE) Everybody Love Everybody


That day!

First Point, Noosa - Hood ornament. A knost.

Laguna Bay, Noosa - I'm gunna miss ya!

Lk Mackenzie, Fraser Island - Time to reflect

Sunny coast mornings.

Little Cove, Noosa - Going to miss these views.

Tea Tree Bay, Noosa - Why am I leaving?!?!?

Lk Mackenzie, Fraser Island - Half full.

First Point, Noosa - Throwing on the breaks

Peregian Beach- My most joyful ocean sessions are always without the board.

Everlasting Daisy's, Fraser Island -


It was a pretty winter!

Andy liked his new home, this winter.

First Point, Noosa - Down the line.

Sunshine Beach, Noosa - Tidal flow.

Sunshine Beach, Noosa - After glow.

Coolum Bays - By the moonlight