Rainbow Beach, Cooloola NP - Exhumed tree, Carlo's Sandblow

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Posted on: 12th July, 2013 No Comments

This week has felt as if I’ve been floating in limbo. I chose to take a job which left me ship wrecked at Rainbow Beach for most of the week, but without the freedom of a true holiday maker. This said I’ve only had very brief visions of the waves this week and I must admit the shooting has been a little rushed, as is the typing presently. So I’m going to love you and leave you.

Oh just a quick thank you to the well wishes and to the people who made it to the opening of the new Tin Box Studios. ¬†Was an epic night and it looks as if we’re going to be able to pay the rent!



First Point, Noosa - Eyes on the prize people!

Rainbow Beach, Cooloola NP - Wish that was me down there.

Rainbow Beach, Cooloola NP - Heads in the clouds

Little Cove, Noosa - Ross cheating his way through.

Rainbow Beach, Cooloola NP - Follow the Rainbow (sands)

Little Cove, Noosa - Shine the light on.

Rainbow Beach, Cooloola NP - Take the leap

Noosa National Park - How I feel at the end of this week.