Boiling Pot, Noosa National Park - Noosa sentinels


Posted on: 8th March, 2013 No Comments

Yep I know I said late January early Feb, but you all new I meant early March didn’t you?!?!  I’ve been waiting to finish off my new website, but going on that you might not see another post till 2014! So lets kick it off.

It’s been a pretty horrific couple of months for the eastern sea board, with only the last week giving us any hope that there was a blue sky above the ever looming rain clouds. The wild weather is at least playing into our hands for the beginning of 2013 Noosa Festival of Surfing. Tomorrow being the start of the week long festival with First Point looking clean and consistent. Personally I’m really excited to watch the Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational. Bringing together an eclectic mix of super skilled and stylish surfers, who’d you’d be happy to watch individually all day let alone see them sharing waves.

Enough words, enjoy the pics and I’ll see you next week,

Thanks for your patience,

ELE (Everybody Love Everybody)


First Point, Noosa - Peeps getting their seats early for the week to come.

Tea Tree Bay, Noosa National Park - Naomi Stevic ripping!

First Point, Noosa - Jack stealing focus.

Boiling Pot, Noosa National Park - Keahi at home at the Pot.

First Point, Noosa - The boys just confirming what they already knew.

Enos, Noosa National Park - Light inside the tunnel

Boiling Pot, Noosa National Park - Drawing to a shallow end.

First Point, Noosa - Trent Dickey all lined up.

Enos, Noosa - Jad getting his curls in the curl.